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A Statement Concerning the Petition "BOE Meeting Update"

In his petition dated September 23, Mr. Greg Grambling is trying to politicize the reopening of schools by using Darien’s children as political pawns in a purposefully misleading petition. This is unacceptable and dangerous.

Given all current information, there is clear support from all nine current members of Darien’s Board of Education to fully reopen schools on Tuesday, September 29. Mike Burke has voiced his support for the Superintendent’s plan at every meeting since the hybrid reopening plan was announced on August 10th. Sara Parent also supports the Administration's decision.

Mike Burke was one of five members that voted against agenda item 8a last night. Those five members did not vote against reopening the schools on September 29. Mike’s vote was based on the clear decision by the Commissioner of Education that the Superintendent has authority regarding reopening models. As such, a vote would fall outside the purview of the Board of Education and was overly prescriptive.

Mr. Grambling also attacks the Burke/Parent campaign in this petition, illustrating his clear political motives. This was a bipartisan vote, representing the most experienced and seasoned members. Why was one particular campaign called out? Is Mr. Grambling representing himself, parents, or a political party? Indeed, we do believe Kids Come First and that credo drives our campaign and our belief in public schools. One of our major messages is that politics needs to stay out of the work of the Board of Education. We only harm our town and children when we allow divisiveness into the boardroom as evidenced by our current situation. We campaign, and post election day, we work, together on behalf of Darien.

We live in a small town and should be able to work together towards a common goal of raising healthy and well-educated children.

Reopening the schools is not a political issue and should not be positioned as such. Mr. Grambling should be clear on who he represents, and state facts rather than fan the flames of discontent through misrepresentation in order to further political goals.

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Mike Burke and Sara Parent

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